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My name is Sarah and this is my face:

It's a plain, ordinary face, just like yours. The only difference is: it can reform into several weird-looking shapes.

I give you a few examples of that here:

As you obviously can tell from these pictures, I'm one strange motherf*cker.

I have strong beliefs, being:

- your friends are important. Don't ignore them!

- if somebody treats you bad, fucking tell them now!

- run away from sorrow, there's always a better place!

- don't drink and drive, you'll be sorry!

- don't touch drugs!

- make a funny face once in a while!


What does being Sarah mean?

- you were raised in St-Lievens-Houtem, but now you live in Ghent

- you work at a concept & creation company, where you do the copywriting, webdesigning and administrative helping.

- you wake up every morning with a moan, because you hate waking up!

- you have two sisters, one brother-in-law and a cute little nephew, James.

- you just looooove cats, because they are so cute.

- you just loooove Poohbear, because he's so sweet

- your spare time consists of doing concerts, rehearsing for the theatre play, entertaining Yes-C, doing fun stuff, making people happy, eating yummy stuff, reading, going to gay bars with gay friends, listening to music in the car, petting your cats, sleeping, being unavailable, going to the movies, thinking of fun stuff to do, ending up doing the same thing as always, ...